Raah Online, an innovative project that emerged as the climax of my mini-thesis during my bachelor’s degree, serves as an inventive art and music community. Through music education and cultural songs, we aim to evolve cultural and folk music in remote areas of Pakistan, encouraging unity and empowerment. You are welcome to join us on this transformative journey of celebration and inspiration.


Spear Shades was the EDM band that we formed in 2017. Our team aimed to bring innovation and
changes in electronic music by experimenting and creating uplifting beats. Through this band, we
were also able to portray real-life stories that our audience could find relatable since we are all
living stories among each other. Currently, we have a collection of some compelling tracks. Don’t
forget to check them out!


It is a project with BBC for World Alzheimer’s Day, in which we had to make a piece of music for
mostly overaged people to make them recall their memories.

For World Alzheimer’s Day, we participated in a project with BBC to create a nostalgic music piece for elderly individuals. As part of the BBC Music Memories Project, BBC Urdu’s teams in Islamabad
and London recreated Pakistan’s renowned singer Alamgir’s famous song ‘Dekha Na Tha’ with the help of some of the country’s most popular young singers and musicians. The song was recorded and
filmed during the COVID-19 lockdown, and all the artists recorded their parts at home. This collaboration aimed to evoke cherished memories and comfort those affected by Alzheimer’s.


Singers: Sara Haider, Natasha Humira Ijaz, Bilal Ali (Kashmir band), Ali Asghar Asha

Music Director and Producer: Ish7iaq
Audio Mastering: Ziyad Ahmad Tariq
Percussion & Violin: Zia Al Kareem
Electric Guitar: Umar Khan
Rabab: Adil Ali
Dambora & Harmonium: Hamid Nowrozi

Video: Musa Yawari
Producer: Hasan Bilal Zaidi, Faran Rafi

Ethnic by Outfitters, a prominent clothing brand in Pakistan best known for its focus on cultural and
ethnic styles, approached me with a unique project providing the opportunity to serve my country. They
requested to create a national anthem for them, blending our cultural music’s essence with Western
influences. The project resulted in an exceptional anthem song, and beautifully represented the brand’s
commitment to celebrating our rich heritage while embracing modern elements.