Music Producer and Songwriter

Ishtiaq Hussain, professionally known as ‘Ish7iaq’, is a passionate and talented musician and artist from Melbourne, Australia. Born on October 27th, 1996, Ishtiaq’s profound passion for music led him to dedicate his life to pursuing music. Carrying an extensive background in music, Ish7iaq has embarked on a journey to express his artistic vision through his website. Combining his unique creativity and implacable commitment to his craft, he invites you to explore his extraordinary musical career and fascinating projects.


Latest Release, 2023

Welcome to my YouTube channel, where I express my musicality while focusing on improvement and
refinement. Presently, this channel serves as a platform for self-exploration and development, helping
me with the effort to refine my artistic expression. Each song shows a unique aspect of my evolving
musical journey.