As a committed and dedicated music student, Ishtiaq remains on a never-ending quest of constantly exploring new sounds, genres, and techniques to broaden his musical horizons. His website serves as a platform to showcase his diverse musical talents and share his creations with the world. Ish7iaq’s artistic journey is driven by a deep passion for music and a desire to connect with people through his creative expression.
Throughout his remarkable journey, Ishtiaq has collaborated with prestigious organizations such as BBC, Dawn News, and Ethnic by Outfitters, each experience serving as a unique opportunity to enhance his musical skills further and gain invaluable industry insights. His ability to work with different media outlets and brands has further strengthened his understanding of the music industry.
In addition to his collaborations, Ishtiaq is also the founder of ‘Raah Online,’ an art and music community that celebrates the ethnic music of Pakistan. Through this initiative, Ishtiaq aims to promote cultural diversity and provide a platform for artists to come together and showcase their talents.


Music Producer

In 2017, Ish7iaq and his fellow musicians formed an electronic music band called ‘Spear Shades.’
The band delved into genres such as EDM, dance, house, retro, and electronic music. Their unique
sound and energetic performances captivated audiences, and they gained a loyal following within the
music scene.
With his website, Ishtiaq invites you to explore his artistic universe, immerse yourself in his music,
and join him on his musical journey. Feel free to contact Ish7iaq, as he eagerly awaits the
opportunity to engage with his audience and foster meaningful connections.